Find Different Types of Personalised Name Rings

Research says that women love jewelries more than men, but it also says that men also love wearing different kinds of jewelries. However, options of jewelries are limited for men. You have only a few choices when it comes to choosing jewelries for men. Among those limited choices, fingers are rings are the most highlighted products. Both men and women love wearing rings on their fingers. Moreover, these rings carry good luck charms for many people. Rings also symbolize live for someone. Choosing a name ring, having initial of your partner’s name, is a great gesture of showing your love towards her. You can also gift her ring on special occasions. When it comes to purchasing rings, buyers need to understand their options. So, here is a guide in that regard.

Different Kinds of Rings

When it comes to name ring, different options are there. You can choose either gold or silver as base metal. If you want low budget solution, stainless steel and copper could be your options. Here are the options for rings in detail for you:

  • Solitaire Name Ring: These rings come with provision of adding only one name right into the middle. Large and fat letter can be embossed as per your desire. It could be a letter that is lucky for you or it could be the initial letter of your name.


  • Folded Dual Ring: As the name suggests, these rings come with options for adding two letters. Folded surface at the top can be flipped or opened to find the names. This could be an interesting gift for your partner on any special occasion.

Apart from these, several other options for name rings are there. Find a good online store where you get option for customized name finger rings. Click Here

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